Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 6


I want to apologize for the huge gaps between the blogs but things have been so busy there seem to be no time and we are absolutely wiped by the end of the day. With that said and in order to catch up I am going to be brief with my comments, and for those laughing at my lack of ability to be brief, watch this!!

We packed all day. (see, how’s that for brief!)

Our first plane ride was an adventure as Tya had never flown and K was battling the onset of a cold, not a promising mixture. After problem with our tickets and almost missing the plane (good eye Savvy) the plane ride started out with a complete and utter meltdown of the two youngest members of our family. Both girls were crying and screaming, often looking at each other and screaming harder, perhaps a culmination of the pent up emotions from a very eventful week. With that said both rallied well and by mid flight both girls were in a much better place, calm  and happy.

A late arrival in Beijing, tired and wiry, both younger girls sleeping and off to bed for what would prove for yet another full nights sleep, no complaints here.

Hoping all is well,
XO by 5

Day 6

A summation of day 6 and that ought to catch us up:

<!Sleep in “woohoo”, both girls slept in till about 7:30…we however were up around 6:30 but just lazed in bed enjoying the calmness of the moment.
<!Air quality in Beijing sucks!!
<!Both girls wake up happy, although K’s cold is full blown now, poor kid.
<!-->Canadian citizenship paper work complete and Tya is one step closer to being a full-blown Canuck with all of the freedoms and privileges that brings. Truly a life changer for the little girl abandoned the day she was born.
<!-->Group picture, with all of the other families and we are off to the zoo!!
<!-->Impressions of the Beijing Zoo, built in 1905, poor sad animals, yuk popcorn, yum cotton candy, stinky monkeys, 2 bucks a ride, lots of ducks, stinky men’s washroom, a nice cold Chinese beer (seriously) for the ride home.
<!-->Picked up more supplies and treats, well really more treats than anything while K slept of her cold (about a 4 hour nap, much needed).
<!-->Jen, Tya and I had supper with the group while Savvy and K has a sister’s night in with pizza that Savvy and I picked up. Upon our return we found both girls cuddled up in the bed watching a movie. Pic’s will follow later of the 4 Brant women in the bed enjoying the movie.
<!-->The night ended with Tya fast asleep, Jen and K sharing some much needed cuddle time and Savvy and I watching a movie in the other room. Unable to stay awake I returned to our room to find Jen holding K, both sound asleep preparing for the trip to the Great Wall tomorrow.

2 is more than 1
Jen is fully immersed in her increased mommy role with cuddles, kisses and creams galore. While this experience with 2 little ones is a new one for us, we’re adjusting fairly well but will welcome an opportunity to settle in our familiar environment. While some say that we really have two families, what with a near 16 yr. old and all, we prefer to think of it as one, just a little spread out. Hard to believe that within the next couple of day we will have a 16 yr. old daughter, who, if this trip is any
 indication, we have raised right.  We cannot say enough about how great Savvy has been, a constant help and support and a great role model to her two younger sisters. We are truly blessed.

XO by 5…and yes that is brief for me!  



Pauline said...

Thanks Jeff and Jen for keeping us updated .Savannah you are such a wonderful 16 year old . So proud of you .Happy Birthday tomorrow and when you get home we will need to celebrate Mckenna , Brant , Style .
Cant wait till you get home to spoil Tya,
Safe traveling , Missing you all .
Love Mom (nanny)

Debz said...

OH! So exciting! We loved the Great Wall! We were there on our 7th aniversary! 7th wonder of the world on our 7th anni. It was amazing! You described the zoo to a T....I almost cried for the black bears...they were so thin...did you pick up the sand bag that weighs the same as a panda? LOL
Is it Savanna's birthday tomorrow? Happy Birthday! How exciting that it was spent in China! You'll never forget your 16th for sure!